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Our Story...

The Lock the Grain story began in 2008 when an idea to create a tankard out of wood that you can actually drink out of continually, had begun to form and I really wanted to see if I could make it work and if it was possible. This led to a year of playing, experimenting, researching and nurturing to form my most basic tankard, complete with angled, hard handle. 

Together with my wife we forged ahead with Lock the Grain, developing the tankards further till we were ready for our first fair at Weird and Wonderful Wood Festival in Suffolk. Subsequent years followed where we developed a couple of other small products such as chopping boards and candle holders to enhance our tankards.

As is ‘life’ we came across hurdles with my poor health and a loss of workshop premises and so Lock The Grain had to take a rest. With new workshop premises we were back! This time, older, some may say wiser, our tankards have taken on a whole new life stage with the fundamental idea I had still at the heart of them.

So now we are back – attending a few fairs a year so please come along and say Hello – one of the most enjoyable discoveries of Lock The Grain is not only working with wood but also the meeting of new people and making new friends and memories.


Hope to see you soon!


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