A beautiful tall tankard, the body has two very different sides - one side has intricate grain markings depicting small islands on a pale cream background and the other side has a ripple effect on a darker toned backdrop. A unique coloured filled canyon makes a striking detail to the front of the body. The Elm handle compliments both sides by picking out the colour of the grain. A delicate burnt rim finishes the tankard off.


An extraordinary tankard which makes a unique addition to the Navigator Collection.


Holds 1 pint. On the interior is a pint marker for those serving the drinks.


The tankards are finished in food safe materials and ARE NOT suitable for hot drinks.

Hand turned Sycamore Tankard with Elm Handle

SKU: SY20-04-NA
  • Your tankard will change in colour over time to reduce this it is advised that you do not store your tankard in direct heat or sunlight.